01 September 2010


The kids at work seem to love being outside and, of all things, bugs! There is a rather larger field they find solace in... running like wild animals chasing butterflies. Yesterday a young boy screams, "Miss Kristina! Miss Kristina!! I caught a, a, a... BUTTERFLY!!!!!!" He runs to me, huffing and puffing excitement the whole way. I peak into his cupped hands and from what I see, it looked to be a beautiful, blue colored butterfly. Once we got it into the cup it was evident this bug was no butterfly! In fact it looked more like a fancy wasp. I checked the boys hands for a sting or bite, but found nothing but his beaming face because of his finding. What he found and captured was a "Polka Dot Winged Wasp Moth". That's a mouthful!
This discovery lead to the kids turning into little bug-ologists! I brought in a piece of Styrofoam and pins and we pinned and labeled each insect they found. From ant lions to grasshoppers and pincer bugs to dead bees... they all were mounted on our board! I don't know how exactly I can tie a lesson into this, but seeing the excitement on the children's faces is just enough for me! So let the screams, laughs and exploring keep on!

23 August 2010

From Ruin to Riches

I went to see the movie, "Eat, Love, Pray". Although the author and main character of the story had a difference of belief in God and lifestyles, I enjoyed the movie. Maybe it was the travelers heart that thrives inside me. It cries out at any glimpse of a foreign land. I registered with her. I understood her discomfort with a normal life. On her first stop in Italy (the "eat" part of the movie) she talked about her time in Rome. I loved it so much I found it and posted it below...
"A friend took me to the most amazing place the other day. It's called the Augusteum. Octavian Augustus built it to house his remains. When the barbarians came they trashed it a long with everything else. The great Augustus, Rome's first true great emperor. How could he have imagined that Rome, the whole world as far as he was concerned, would be in ruins. It's one of the quietest, loneliest places in Rome. The city has grown up around it over the centuries. It feels like a precious wound, a heartbreak you won't let go of because it hurts too good. We all want things to stay the same. Settle for living in misery because we're afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins. Then I looked around this place, at the chaos it has endured - the way it has been adapted, burned, pillaged and found a way to build itself back up again. And I was reassured, maybe my life hasn't been so chaotic, it's just the world that is, and the real trap is getting attached to any of it.
Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation."

Lately I've been hating the fact that I've been ruined for anything ordinary in this life. I wished I never tasted the sweet tea of China, held the hand of a Costa Rican slum child and never smelt the aroma's of India. It has ruined me, made me see past myself and into the vast world we live in. It is no longer possible to try and hide from this fire in my heart without it consuming me. The truth and reality is I am ruined. I finally embrace it. I embrace being ruined and am on the road to transformation...

21 August 2010

Dreams and a New Step

I believe it's our dreams and aspirations that keep us moving forward in life. Our God-given destiny's help us set dreams in our hearts. But what happens when you've achieved a dream you've had for years and then it falls apart? Living dreamlessly is not some place I want to be for too long. Up until a few weeks ago I was living just that way; with no dreams. It was a day to day trek into an empty black-hole future. Stale and empty.

I had many different ideas and opportunities arise for my next step. They all had great perks whether it was money, being close to family, living comfortably... the luxuries in life. I had to ask myself, "Is this going to hinder my destiny?" A lot of the options were an immediate, "YES!" So after praying and decided what's next, I am happy to announce my next move...

In February 2011 I will go to Prague, Czech, Republic (accompanied by my friend, Corey) to study in a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. The course is one month long and it will open up doors to teaching English abroad in many countries!

For now I am working to save money and soaking up this time with my family and friends.

20 August 2010

Only Me...

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19 August 2010

An Indian Chai State of Mind

I'll let the pictures do the talking for this one(:...

In five months I will lay aside my Indian chai for a taste of Prague tea;)

16 August 2010

Little Potentials Growing

I heard a little boy ask the other little kids at his table today, "Who here passed to the next grade last year?" Each child looked at him with a confused look and all raised their hands to show they passed. The little boy then said, "Well I failed... again."

Hearing this boy take a pole amongst his piers stabbed my heart. It's like he just came to terms that he was labeled a failure and pinned it on his shirt. doesn't he see that he has potential to do big things?? If anything, in these next 5 months I will make it a point to show him that he is not a failure and help him any way possible to succeed.

All the children I work with are little potentials growing. Some of them are strong and sturdy, while others are wilting and a bit fragile. Anyone who works with, takes care of or is around children can feed these potentials with encouragement, truth and a good attitude. I just want to see this next generation succeed and grow up to live extravagant lives!

14 August 2010


just may be the day that changes the course of my life. Eager. Excited. Fingers crossed.